Yash Development
Role: CEO

Yash Development is a company founded by Yash, an aspiring developer who is seeking to learn more coding languages. This website features some of his accomplishments and some of the teams that he is on.

BreMea Development
Role: Manager

BreMea Development is a team of Discord developers, founded by BreMea. They own many bots such as CountBot and MixBot. Check them out now!

Samyak Science Society
Role: Board Member

Samyak Science Society is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization focused on spreading STEAM awareness to inspire & ignite the spark of curiosity with youth across the world and in our local communities. By practicing new paradigms of teaching, inspiring youth, and creating opportunities for the under-served, we can make a difference.

Team Oxen
Role: Competitive Leader

Team Oxen is a gaming team tull of PC players and controller players. This team has been in the works for around 3 years now and we are happy to what it has become. The Leaders and the Members have worked so hard to get the team to where it is today! The Team has had many challenges to overcome and we are always thinking of way to improve the Team and keep it all fresh and unique. We as a Team Would just like to say thank you to all those who have supported and helped the team grow! In partnership with YashBot and Yash, we would like to present to you Team Oxen.

Role: Manager

What is SleepyCloud?
You have come across my friend's wonderful, beautiful blazingly smart Discord bot. This bot is packed to the brim with unfinished blazingly fast commands and functionality. Sounds good, doesn't it? SleepyCloud is a advanced and smart bot that brings some great perks to your Discord server!
Role: Staff

The customizable, fast, easy, and noice URL shortener. is a cool and customizable URL shortener, and it has a lot of features for free!

Role: Staff

Chatwind is a free, online, video meeting software. We provide a fast meeting software, without the lags, crackles, and glitches.

Role: Beta Tester

Free file and image hosting, made simple. Features 2FA, OAuth, and a clean dahboard. I highly recommend this image hosting platform as it comes with 3 free domains and support for Sharex/MagicCap!